Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Extri Race Report - A Three-peat!

Hey readers - this past Saturday I competed in my final race of 2013 @ The Extri Off Road Sprint Triathlon is a 1000m swim - 22k off road bike - 4km off road run @ the beautiful beach of Laiya in the San Juan region in the province of Batangas! It was the 3rd time in 3 years I joined this event & was really looking forward to it since it’s a very challenging race! The mid-day start ensures some waves, the bike course had more off road sections this year & then the run course, is basically 'pound-for-pound' the hardest run course I have ever done!

In short, I lead the race from start to finish, I felt pretty strong the whole way & manage to push myself to the limit at the end of the run, ‘dancing’ on deep sand to leave everything out on the race course!

The weather was PERFECT! ~25 degree’s Celsius, slightly humid & overcast! I got to meet some new people, had nice chats with friends and then some drinks with the director before calling it a night!

Last but not least, the most interesting part of the awards, was when the race director Eric Imperio introduced a bunch of young local school kids who had started swimming last year after seeing the race go by outside their homes!

These kids don’t have goggles - don’t have proper swim suites - don’t have a proper program. They simply swim in the ocean after school with the will to improve & be better than they were. They joined some swim meets & of course, they did not do all that well, but that’s beside the point when considering the bigger picture of the POWER OF SPORTS in the development of young people.

Swimming gave them something healthy, challenging and new to do after school - allowed them to set goals, be committed & work hard @ the given activity.  This to me, is the ultimate take away from sports, regardless of our level or abilities, to prepare/compete in a sporting event change you're perspective, reveal the good/bad aspects of your attitude & ultimately, develop the physical/mental abilities to overcome challenges in the real world, of which is the most important 'sporting event' we will all imminently compete in!

Bellow are various pictures from the race - note that it's race rules to wear your helmet for the whole run course - you will notice I wore my GoPro that was taking shots every 5 seconds!

3 Loops swim = Gotta be dynamic! Photo credit: Anna Mapua

Lets get it on with the bike! Photo Credit: Anna Mapua

Off the roads & into the bush!

Gotta stay focused!

Such a beautiful & peaceful course!

 Into T2
The run starts with ~100 steps called the 'stair-master'

 You can always count on energetic spectators in the Philippines!

 Just keeps going UP UP UP...
I could really use some cheering right now...
What goes up, must come down!

 Looping around towards the finish line on the beach!
 Running by the shoreline gives me solid ground to run on!

 Balancing on a 'wave blocker' to move faster!
"Hey Joe - why you running tired, in spandex & with a bike helmet on your head?"

 Pick your next step precisely...

 Raw terrain.
I'm gonna jump this one!

 Nice little path beside the cliff!
Almost there - the sand here was very deep...


 That was painful!

 Smiling volunteers are a dime a dozen in the Philippines! 

 The top 3 got some descent prizes & a bit of ca$h :)
La Fin!

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