Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sabbatical Time Away From Racing.

Hey readers - this is my official statement that I will stop racing triathlon all together for the next few years and focus exclusively on coaching. All the while running regularly to keep me fit and energized with the sound objective to run 21k under 1h10!

I feel very grateful that this is MY DECISION because I'm compelled to start a new chapter in my life and focus to become the best coach I can be. I'm very lucky that this decision was not instigated by injury's, lack of money, poor motivation, deterioration in performance or simply getting old...

I'm not a formally educated person, what-ever I lack in that department, I return with passion, logic and physical labor.

I believe that specific knowledge and life experiences are key to success in sport. I'm lucky to have been in various high performance environments, from swimming, to triathlon, to running, where I have learned a wealth of information, but more importantly, seen first hand how a champion coach or champion athlete acts, sounds or carries themselves, in success and defeat.

The next few years, are to be a STEPPING STONE to one day successfully coach world class triathletes!

After almost 7 years, I'm also leaving TeamTBB to work as a full time triathlon coach for the Alaska Milk Corporation here in The Philippines, where we have new and exiting plan's for 2014, including new sponsors and new athletes!

2012 and 2013 had it's highs and it's lows...I felt that stress and fatigue 'clouded' my judgment or sped up my temper on several occasions, of which I'm not proud of...I'm a very direct person, it can be a great strength or a great weakness...

Seeing Banjo win the Filipino Elite crown @ the Cobra Ironman 70.3 in Cebu City as a 19 year old was an amazing moment, I suddenly realized, coaching athletes to their best can make so many different people happy and proud, as is impacted so much more deeply than if I would have won the overall race...

How-ever, I cant help but looking back at my career a not being satisfied by it, I was basically my own worst enemy most of the time and really learned a few hard lessons...I mean, I never got close to the Olympics, was pretty inconsistent in racing long distances and really never made it out of the '3rd tier pro' category.

I do believe this unfinished 'business' feeling will carry-on with me, using it as motivation, fire and drive to be a smarter coach, a more committed coach and a more mature coach.

But of course, I'm ONLY 27 years old, which is kinda young to 'retire' as a pro triathlon, so I know in the back of my mind, that one day, I can still go back to racing pro, to pursue my racing ambitions armed with better run speed and knowledge!

Now, with all this said, I will still be coaching a few age groupers on the side around the globe, as I have already a few long term relationships going ;)

I will also be upping the ante in my online rambles about triathlon, life and especially our team sponsors! Personally, I believe, forget that, I KNOW FOR A FACT that coaches have a HUGE IMPACT on what equipment athletes buy. It's one of my strengths in my coaching arsenal, to advise for or against particular equipment, explaining why or why not and what the way forward will be, or potential consequence...

Anyway, this past week I ran almost 100km divided into 12 workouts and looking to sell my Cervelo P5 for some X-mast money!!!

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