Thursday, January 16, 2014

Running Update

Hey readers - a lot of the same has been going on over the past weeks: lots of running and planning for this year! 

I don't have the liberty to discuss the planning, but I can now freely talk about my training =)

I'm now on my 4th strait ~100km run week and feeling pretty good after an initial 'breaking in' period of my legs where some soreness in my right foot and left achillies that made a brief appearance, I managed to nursed the life out of it with heat and tiger balm!

At this time of year in The Philippines, the weather gets quite mild, with mid 20's during most of the day, overcast and a light/consistent breeze! Locals find it 'cold' but I think it's PERFECT because we use the air-con/fans less all the while enjoying the outdoors during the day without sweating buckets! I also feel like it calms the general atmosphere locally, versus the tense/stressful high heat or rain during other times of the year...And also now past the holiday season, most civilians are chipping away at the year 2014! 

My weekly schedule now pretty much looks like this bellow - my EZ with strides or moderate runs (6 per week) used to be double 5km workouts, then I moved up to double 7.5km workout and now upped it up this week to double 10km workouts, of which are all done around a 2.5km concrete loop inside my villages at Verdana Homes!


Day 1

AM: 10km Short Fartlek (3 min to 3:15 per km)
PM: 10km Negative Split 

Day 2

AM: 10km EZ with Strides
PM: 10km Moderate (4 min to 4:30 per km)

Day 3

AM: 12km Long Fartlek (3:15 to 3:30 per km)
PM: 10km Negative Split

Day 4

AM: 10km EZ with Strides
PM: 10km Moderate (4 min to 4:30 per km)

Day 5 

AM: 18km Long run (start EZ but 3:30 to 4 min per k)
PM: 5km EZ (7 min per km)

Day 6

AM: 10km EZ with Strides 
PM: 10km Hill Repeats

Day 7

EZ Swim or EZ MTB


I go by numbered days instead proper days simply because I have a pretty flexible schedule but still have some compelling requirements that means I will miss some training regularly due to travelling or appointments in Manila, so following the 7 day cycle by numbers, allows me to get back to where I left off, instead of having to move training around according to the day of the week!

This far out from my next run race, I modulate the intensity to work a good range of speeds and intensity with the ultimate objective to make my long run faster, where I can hold around race pace (give or take) for the entire 2nd half of my 18km long run.

I don't presently feel like I need to run longer than 18km for my long runs, endurance is not my limiter, but rather my SPEED ENDURANCE, so I focus on better negative split runs, long fartleks and the 2nd half of my long run, is where I really apply myself to make gains!

After 15 years of simultaneously doing 3 sports, I'm really enjoying this run focus, I figure I need to ​do 6 strait months of running like this, including a few recovery blocks, before I start looking at races, where I will do some 10k's to get a no-bull-shit gauge on my progress before moving towards a competitive 21km race!

At present, I highly doubt I will evolve my training to run more volume than the week written above, I'm starting to get pretty busy these days all the while knowing that once the dry season comes around, it's gonna be hard to maintain good quality, especially since some of my athletes will be out of the school by then!!

Anyway, today is my birthday and bellow are some pictures from my recent MTB ride, 1 month since my last ride the @ EXTRI ! Myself, cuz Ogs and Colin, aka the men of David Salon ;) did a 6 hours ride up Palace In The Sky, down Talisay road to Taal Lake, home of Taal Volcano and then back up to Tagaytay for a well deserved late lunch ;)

Halfway into the 6h ride was not the 3h point, but rather @ Tall Lake!

The local fishermen's appear to be on a day off!

Colin set a very good pace at the start, when it was hot and very steep!


Mid-way point with a stunning view!


Returning the 'favor' to Colin by setting the pace on the 2nd half of the climb hehehehe!

A nice shot of the crater!

Colin is now 'lovin his granny' on the steep switch-backs of Talisay road!

Finally made it to our reward after almost 5 hours of ridding, Amoroma Ristorante in Tagaytay has some pretty awesome Italian food! 

Well deserved beers, a pizza and some pastas on a beautiful Sunday afternoon! I could really get used to this 'social ridding', as long as the food quality matches the ride quality like today ;)


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