Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Scott Foil.

Hey reader's - after years of ridding exclusively time trial bikes, now I finally have the chance to ride around on a new road bike: Scott Foil 20, of which was sponsored to me by Unison Bikes the supplier of Scott bikes & many other great bike brands in The Philippines!

From the moment the bike arrived, I really liked the slim/strong cosmetics, low weight of ~17 pounds & Alaska like colors! I was super amazed at the quality of the stock Shimano 105 5800 Black group-set & Syncros components (handle bar/stem/saddle/wheels/bar tape).

A great mix of stiffness, low-weight & aerodynamics in one bike!

Very clean seat post clamp system - gotta put some carbon compound paste here!

Shimano 105 is simply not what it used to be, it's much better quality @ lower weight & with a nice black shinny gloss finish!

This Syncros saddle was surprisingly comfortable & quite attractive for a stock saddle!
An integrated chain-catcher =)
A view from the back where I can track my seat post height!

Came with nice Continental tires & Syncros wheels for 'pogi training' or small races!

This bike, strait out of the box is a fantastic option for a neo-rider or a triathlete looking for a road bike to supplement his Time Trial bike, or use in hilly/technical multisport events!

You simply get the best of all words: internal cabling, aero tubing, stylist look, comfort, responsiveness & low weight!

As the frame lasts for years to come, the group-set can be upgraded after a couple years to add value & give the bike a 2nd life!

I over the past 25 years, I've ridden on variety of 'man-powered-wheeled-vehicles' like big wheeled tricycles, skate boards, roller blades, scooters & pedal bike. I really love how the evolution in general as prospered over time with the advance of technology & tapping in deeper imagination! I'm truly looking forward to seeing bikes in 25 years for now, how much more they will develop & continue to piece original bikes together for years to come!

I like to think that building a bike is an art, should be one of a kind, piece by piece, revealing the personality of the owner ;)

Anyway, here's my Scott Foil 20 after I gave away the Shimano 105 group-set to my athletes & put on some of my sponsored gear that I gathered over the years with TeamTBB.

Frame size: Medium
Wheels: Campagnolo Bullet Ultra 50mm
Group-set: Campagnolo Record 11
Cock-pit: Zefiro Team 3T
Saddle: Cobb SHC
Tires: Continental Gran Prix 4 Season
Pedals: Look Kéo Classic
Bottle cages: Blackburn Camber CF

From the side!

From the front!

From the back!

From the top!

The machine being held by it's engine ;)

Thinking this bike is faster than I am ;)

Anyway, for a long time now, years, I used to always TRAIN on a time trial bike with a business like attitude of structured workouts with intervals on the trainer or hill repeats outdoors, I loved the process, but eventually over the years, stooped enjoying big preparations in The Philippines, where I lost some motivation/drive with the monotony of it all...this country is simply difficult to train in...

Coming from Canada, I was fortunate to be exposed to massive recreational parks, long/desolate roads, crisp air & fantastic facility's, but in the end, it gave me expectation & a taste of an environment I don't have anymore...

What I felt was kinda like what was described by Samuel L. Jackson's character to Vin Diesel's character @ the start of the Hollywood movie XXX:

"You ever watch lions at the zoo? You can tell which were captured in the wild by  the look in their eyes. The wild cat. She remembers running across the plain, the thrill of the hunt. Four hundred pounds of killing fury locked in a box, but after a while, their eyes glaze over...and you can tell their soul has died...Same happens to a man when in prison!"

Okay that's a bit of an exaggeration, I got it pretty here for the time being - but you get my point eh?

This is also why I started to mountain bike a few years ago, to add variety to my bike training!

But now, with this road bike, I can get out the door with a big cup Barako Coffee in my belly from our neighboring province Batangas & then just RIDE out for the love of it! I get out the door at a nice moderate tempo & build from there over my usual 30klm loop in Nuvali where I find myself LOVING IT to be flowing with the road, feeling the wind, getting out of the saddle & accelerating past a jeepney or tricycle & then carving around corners in the drops @ sunset!

Sunset @ my back!

Anyway, if you are in The Philippines & interested in a Scott Bike - check out the biggest retailer here: The Brick Multisport stores in Manila or at J Center mall in Cebu City home of the Cobra Ironman 70.3 - arguably the biggest & best triathlon in Asia!

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