Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Alaska Tri Aspire is Live!

Hey readers - this past Friday was my team’s re-launch to introduce our new sponsors, new development athletes & announcements for the: Alaska Cycle Philippines - Alaska Ironkids - Alaska Milk Day Run events that are simultaneously organized by Sunrise events as well to being held over 3 consecutive weekends!

This now brings closure & official moving-on from the disbandment of TeamTBB last November where I'm for sure one of the luckier ones! Some landed on their feet, others on their backs, few are now focusing on coaching like moi & mostly will just keep grinding along the pro-tri-dream...

Anyway, these 3 events are organized not to be directly competitive with other similar events events in The Philippines but rather to provide the opportunity/access to every day Filipino's to participate in world class/quality events, increase awareness of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle through sport and/or give a starting point for future athletes!

My development squad gives the opportunity to 6 talented Filipino athletes a chance at fulfilling their athletic potential by being supported, guided & educated in an environment that emphasizes: hard work, discipline & integrity.

This is pretty much a little TeamTBB here in The Philippines where all things considered, maybe one of the better supported triathlon teams in the world!

We have Asics as our shoe sponsor - F2P as our apparel sponsor - Rudy Project as our sunglasses & helmets sponsor - Scott as our bike sponsor - Gatorade as our drink sponsor & of course, Alaska Milk as our title sponsor!

World Champions Caroline Steffen & Pete Jacobs will act as mentors for the athletes where their signature/auto-graph is even printed on the back of our training/racing kits!

Here's the profile cards of the athletes:

At the press-conference, I stressed the point that the success of the athletes will not come by swimming, biking or running faster/harder/more but rather by staying focused during the highs & low's, being more diligent & improving their diets...I still get strange reactions when I mention the "rice once per day policy" that's enforced in our house!

Filipino's have a tendency of being their own worst enemy - it's my job to eliminate these bad habits.

Even if these athletes never make-it to the international stage, I sure do hope that the lessons, skills & outlook they learned by being a part of the team will be carried with them beyond sport - into life & work!

The next step for some of my athletes this year will be to get more competitive against foreign professionals who come & compete at the domestic international events such as: Century Tuna 5150 - Cobra Ironman 70.3 - Safe Guard 5150 - all of which are also organized by Sunrise events! 

At these races, they will have the opportunity to compete against the world’s best & have a no bullshit evaluation of where their level is at across the finish line.

Anyway, bellow are some various pictures of this past Sunday's Alaska Cycle Philippines which was 40km Challenge ride through Metro Manila!!!

Me & Banjo before the start - we where at the back of wave A.

Nice sunrise from the overpass as we follow the group!

It was a brisk pace from the start - much stiffer than last November when Robbie McEwen joined!
Having a chat on a quiet Roxas blvd beside Manila bay.

Almost finished with the 1st loop & heading towards the overpass again!

Brighter & stronger sun as we go.

Chris Robb of Spectrum Worldwide rode a good tempo the whole way & even considered doing a 3rd loop ;)

The pace remained stiff for most of the 2nd loop as well - we had to single file a lot when overtaking slower rider from the later waves - it's not a race so we kept it cool & safe!

Rolling into BGC with it's modern buildings & smooth asphalt!

Shadows of a roadie drafting a retired triathlete on a mountain bike!

This is an accidental selfie taken after the race!
Banjo post race with Mam Blen & Ecow the Alaska Aces mascot!

Anyway - check this blogspot regularly over the next months as I will be writing updates about the athletes progress - races - training - equipment - nutrition & various other topics!

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