Monday, May 5, 2014

Coron trip - lots of pictures!

Hey readers - this past week I spent 5 days in Coron, on the beautiful island of Palawan which is a 1 hour flight from Manila! It was a bit short & not very relaxing, but we got to see cool beaches - islands - ship wrecks - corals - caves - lakes - fishes - animals - meet new people - eat good food - get drunk!

A couple years ago I had been to Puerto Princesa with my mom for Chinese new year , which is on the other tip of Palawan Island! 

We would go around each day on a boat like this!

One of the trips was 4 hours strait to get to one of the islands - we had to get comfortable!

Hard working deck hand as we leave for another island!

Time to dis-embark & explore!

Compulsory JUMP SHOT with Joyette's niece from Canada: Regina.

Gotta have a JUMP OFF shot!
Followed by a JUMP IN shot!

Worth a thousand words or just one: HAPPY!

Beautiful scenery all around!

A shot with some charisma!

Can't help myself to kiss that sexy belly!

She returns on the cheek ;)

I loved seeing the various colors of the water!

Ballad on the beach!

Relaxing in a hammock after lunch!

A wefie on the beach!

Endless white sand.

So many islands to see - over 1000's in this area alone!

You know your a tri-geek when...

Time to go under!

Always remember to equalize your ears when going deep!

Up & down sometimes feel like the same!

A bit of a rest @ the bottom ;)

Feeding the fishes.

What's up sea urchins?

Cool looking corals!

What's inside?

Hanging out before we go to our next destination!

Enjoy the wind on the side of the boat!
Now, this was one of the most interesting stops: The Calauit Safari Park which had many African animals because back in the day, when Ferdinand Marcos was president, he felt entitled to exotic pets, so he flew them in from Africa - now they are the property of the government!  

Petting the Zebra!

Feeding Jacky the Giraffe!

A bit more intimate feeding ;)

Joyette's turn - she was shy @ first...

Put she then got more comfortable & friendlier!

Baby Alligators that where not very happy campers - they kept hissing & doing death rolls!

Just a touch ;)

A big ass Python!

Yes I had some goose bumps @ this moment!

He's harmless at this point because currently digesting a chicken - only when hungry are they dangerous!

Checking out a cave!

With a small lake inside!

Time to see some ship-wrecks.

I had to dive deep for these shots & hold my breath long!
Going inside!

Stay calm & focused.


Almost out.

Don't touch anything - it will cut/scratch!

Leaving the inside!

Time to go on another island!

Ready to go under!

Im gonna swim under this rock!


Go Go Go!

Almost done!

From a selfife stand point.

Keep kicking & stay focused!

So many nice beaches!

Goofing around ;)

Hanging out & feeling free!

Great moments!

Relaxing as the sun starts to set...

We swam out to check out this floating house - it was pretty cool to be out here on our own away from everybody!

Checking out twin lagoons.

Going through the rock - only possible during low tide.

Very cool lime stone that keeps on gradually eroding.

A bit of dolphin swimming!

Enjoying the freedom & weightlessness of being under water!

Joyette with her abs & cool scenery!

Going to check out a fresh water lake!

What I'm taking  a picture of!

A fresh water lake in the mountains!

Exploring under water!

The rocks where like cliffs sides!

Just floating around & getting lost looking @ the cool bottom!

Relaxing as we get back to the port.

Our tour group!

The sun it starting to set!

Some random kids on a boat in the middle of now-where!

What a beautiful sight!

It was a great time & too bad it's now over...
All in all it was a great experience, so many natural beauties & many other foreign tourist we meet from China - Vietnam - Singapore - Korea - Europe - Australia - North America & many from the Philippines as well!

My only issue was, how low the standards are for accommodation, food, transport & general efficiency or organization. The locals are simply not doing their best or close to maximizing what they have, they simply rely on the natural beauties to attract tourist, but seem to slack off & cruise in other aspects that are imperative to an all encompassing experience...Of which may leave a bad after-taste in your mouth...

All the other tourist I talked to where of the same opinion...

I would recommend this to any body & everybody - but me & Joyette agreed we would not come back here simply because it's too difficult for tourists to get comfortable...And trust me, we have been to some pretty far out places over the years & know the Philippines very well ;)

Next vacation we are planning will be on Batanes Island @ the end of the year =)

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