Monday, June 2, 2014

Alaska World Milk Day Run

There's running races & then there's running events - this blog about the latter:

The yearly calendar is full of 'special days' to commemorated people, past events of significance, religious gatherings, ect. This past June Sunday 1st was the 14th world milk day, where countries around the world celebrated MILK!

While people came for the race - they stayed for the atmosphere & experience =)

Yes those are all small cup cakes!

FREE Milk to go with all those FREE cup cakes =)

All HAIL to the Milk Day!

Some Ironkids playing american gladiator before the awarding!

Put your trash here^^^

Beautiful morning for a family running event @ Bonifacio Global City!

My race was fine, not bad but not good, I ran 99% of the run with a local Filipino runner, where the pace was bit erratic @ the start & finish, while the middle section was the slowest part, where we went over 'fly-overs' aka overpasses in downtown Manila.

The weather was humid, ~30 deg. Celsius @ 4am already with no wind circulation as the venue is surrounded by tall buildings & with lots of energetic body's in a small area - many had sweat beads on their forehead before the gun.

These run starts in The Philippines always make me laugh, I should GoPro them one day, the poor patience the local runners, all the noise them make & seemingly incapable of running in a strait line.

Lets go - some sections @ the start where dark so instructed the athletes to be prudent.

Early stages - everybody feels 'good' at this point ;)

Anyway, the real race started @ about 6km where we dropped Jonard after a pace increase  - I was MANO-O-MANO with the local runner.

~6km mark as the sun starts to rise.

At about 8km my right shoe lace started to come un-done...

The final 5 min was a bit technical, we went through an 180 degree turn, a few twisty intersections, where we had to squeeze between a marshal & an impatient driver all the while responding to consistent speed surges - then we faced the final long stretch to the Soleus clock!

The finish strait was a wide & long road where you could see the time ticking down the giant clock as we approached the finish with the sun rising over the sky scrapers of The Fort.

It's a bit hard to judge the distance when you're running hard, it seems closer than it actually is - I believe the term is: FINISH LINE FEVER!

So, in the final 500m the local runner increased the pace every 100m like text book & left me in his dust a few meters behind. I can't blame too much the shoe lace, my legs really did not have that OMPH to stick with him & over take - I also figure he needed that extra prize money more than I did ;)

Final 50m.

In the end, we ran 34:5X something - Jonard mid 35 min & Banjo low 36 min.

2nd - 3rd - 4th placers
As usual I was incredibility sweaty & left another post-run-sweat-stain ;)

I decided to run without socks...It was a bad idea as my skin has lost some strength since I don't train/race as much.

Women's podium - Jenny got 2nd place.

Men's podium.

It was also the first time I raced with my Asics Piaranah Speed 4 - a supper light/soft/limber shoe designed for fast running - the little 'lumps' under the fore-foot gave me extra grip on the ground even though my shoes where already soaked mid way...This is why I decided to go sock-less - I sweat way too much & my socks get heavy!

I will definitely use these in future run races for 5km & 10km - with lock-laces of course ;)

In the end, it was great to get back to racing after almost 6 months - my running training took a hit in April/May as my time was mainly devoted to the athletes & team. I now look forward to joining more of these running events as the weather gets a bit cooler & wetter over the next few months!

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