Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Century Tuna 5150 Subic Bay Report.

~There's nothing noble in being superior to your fellow athletes; true nobility is being superior to your previous self~ 

Hey readers - this past weekend was the 3rd running of the Century Tuna 5150 in Subic Bay!

Like both previous years, this event was over the top - from the expo, race course, pre-race entertainment, post race goodies, ect. It's like a big healthy party =)

The weather was a bit schizophrenic with random down pours followed by heat/humidity  waves moments later - this the day before the race & of course on race day! 

The course tested all the athletes who participated regardless of their level, where a mixture of strength, skill & patience was critical for a successful race!

Going into the weekend, I knew my top 2 athletes Banjo & Jonard who had been living at my house for months now would be very competitive - the training load was maintained, the intensity became more specific & they did a 'travel taper' hehehe ;)

Come race time, they RACED THE PLAN quite well, staying near the front for the whole race, finishing 1st & 2nd Filipino, but more importantly, 5th & 6th overall ~6 minutes behind the overall winner from Australia.

In a seemingly perfect non-drafting pace line: Banjo, Jonard, Xena & JC rode by us @ the ~15km mark looking like a red Alaska Tri Aspire freight train!

While J-C would eventually fall back due to lack of mileage in his 15 year old body after leading the Pinoy's out of the water, Jonard & Banjo would pull away from Caroline 'Xena' Steffen over the hills on the bike & then throw down a solid run leg to pick up a couple nice paychecks!

Jenny got 2nd place in the Pinay Elite after overcoming some adversity before & during the race - Tine & Noemi had solid races on a tough course, where the true returns are made in experience, perspective & facing new challenges.

Now for the 3rd year in a row - we go through the 5 weeks between this race & the Cobra Ironman 70.3 in Cebu where the longer distance will suite Jonard & Banjo's abilities a bit more.

Only a minute of each other this past Sunday; it will be interesting, even for me their coach, who will beat who in 5 weeks, of which is the true excitement of athletic competition.

Anyway, as we hit the mid-way point of the calendar year - it's time UP THE ANTE a notch towards a stronger 2nd half of the year!

~Coins make sound but paper bills are silent; so when your worth is increased, make less noise~ 

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