Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Typhoon Glenda!

Hey readers - it's never too long without chaos here in The Philippines as it was hit yet by another powerful typhoon called Rammasun or "Glenda" early morning this past Wednesday. It was about half the speed of Typhoon Yolanda last November that hit Tacloban, but this time hit much more populated areas in Luzon with consistent winds of 160 kph & gusts up to 250 kph for a few hours!

There was a public warning given to everybody the day prior, where classes suspended & some employees sent home early! But of course, not everybody took it seriously, me included, especially since it was, as cliché as it sounds: a BIG calm before a BIG storm!!!

I was awaken by the screams of a security guard & the howling winds hitting our bedroom windows at about 4am! First one up, I quickly brewed some coffee like I always do each morning, when moments later at around 5am the electricity, water & cell phone signal went out, so we were lucky to have freshly brewed coffee which set the tone for the day!

We made a few adjustments to the training & barely missed any, had to do a 25 min swim in a 10m pool, indoor bike without a fan, eat cold food & then I spent 2 X 2 hours cleaning our village pool!

Club house area!

It was important I help the pool boy clean the pool because he recently had a bad motor cycle accident, he now limps around...I need to run workouts for my athletes!

We were out of power for most of the day until after supper, the power went back up - we are fortunate here in Biñan because we are right next to major factory's for brands like: Honda, Sanyo, Hitachi, ect of which have a major power circuit because these factory's CANNOT GO DOWN FOR TOO LONG as well to the fact that our village has a Meralco employee, simply facilitated it all ;)

Selfie on our balcony - the wet & cut up leaves where plugging the drains, thus flooding our bedroom...like a true tri-geek I wore my swim goggles to scoop out the leaves mid-storm!

Another selfie latter in the day - you can see the wind bending the trees!

Crazy me with a bucket & scooping water off our balcony!

Rain rain go away please come back another day!

All in all we where very lucky, I now appreciate our village of Verdana Homes & their staff much more, the guards where walking around robo-cop-style with rain coats & motor cycle helmets on to see if anybody needed help @ the peak of the storm!

As much as 5 million households went days without any electricity & recording an estimated 1.9 BILLION U$D in damages!

Trees down in our village!

More trees down in Nuvali - this the day after on our long run!

In fact, 2 airplanes where pushed by the winds into a building at NAIA, receiving significant damage!!! One of them was from Malaysia airlines which makes it a very bad year for this company…

While in a weird way, Typhoon Yolanda stimulated The Philippines economy last November - Typhoon Glenda, which was less powerful, but hit a more urban & developed area, pretty much stopped the heart of The Philippines and will have lingering effects on the economy & the day-to-day efficiency of the already fragile infrastructure for some time to come.

Typhoon Yolanda was so disastrous, it compelled many foreign ministries to donate money, some funds where raised by Filipino's living overseas, products shipped from good Samaritan's abroad, as well to many Filipino's in Manila buying & sending aid/care packages to Tacloban, of which was an already a pretty poor & under-developed location in The Philippines...Making it an un-orthodox silver lining...

In revenge, Typhoon Glenda is wasting many man-hours, picking a-lot of pockets, most of which are shallow & of course, making humans increasingly weary of our planets potential wrath!

Anyway, life must go on - we must be patient with those who were affected more severely, where I estimate it might take ~1 month for everything to get close to normal again!

10 days to go before the 6th edition Cobra Ironman 70.3 in Cebu City!!!

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