Saturday, October 4, 2014

Why I quit Facebook.

Hey readers - some of you may have noticed that I recently de-activated my Facebook account - I felt it's the right thing to do for the following reasons:

Over the days/weeks/months/years that I have used Facebook, I felt like my focus had a tendency to drift when going online, originally for some serious stuff, where I would end up browsing in a ZIG ZAG pattern from one piece of information to another, often over stuff I had seen repeatedly. To me, Facebook represents the bigger of all social media evils.

Why not just not go on Facebook or check it less? The same reason I don't keep junk food in the house - the most direct way of eliminate the temptations.

I have to admit, sometimes what I saw on Facebook altered my mood & decisions, I almost started living vicariously through other people & even feeling 'down' at some points, because others seemed to have such a great time or be temporary accomplishing more while i'm grinding away in a monotonous routine towards the big moments.

Photo Credit: Pawel Kuczynski

I also did not like how it made me accessible to anybody & everybody, where I found myself replying to many personal messages, to people who I don't even know...Some of which don't even acknowledge me in offence strangers...But I already have a heavy work load to do on the computer.

To steel a quote: 15 friends make for real relationships.

Another issue was poor central communication - on more than one occasion, I would have people communicating with me over various forms of communication portholes like Facebook, email, text messages, Skype, ect. of which made it more difficult to track conversations & way to often fudging work with personal stuff.

Facebook was/is not all that bad, great to keep in touch with people, it's was important to be kept in the loop & it did make me laugh on several occasions!

Moving forward, I want to focus more on REAL relationships, be more focused & blog more often so I can keep sharing my experiences - I will also be focusing more on Instagram (follow me @ mattyohallar) because I love playing with pictures since it releases my almost non existing artistic side ;)

I also felt at times I got a bit destructive with others my typing what I believed was either truthful, funny or logical, where of course, it was taken the wrong way....Not everybody has thick skin or has worked on a drilling rig in the boondocks with crazy hard-ass-Albertan's - aka Canada's version of Texan's.

Photo Credit: Pawel Kuczynski

I did resists the urge most times to write bad-ass stuff or rant out my option on actuality's or just venting some random daily hate - I'm proud to I have better discipline than most civilians where I do know quite a few that shot themselves in the foot & some, in the head from their finger tips...

Photo Credit: Pawel Kuczynski

I'm not saying I will never return to Facebook - my noble objective is to focus more on the tangible aspects in my present-life-now, see who's really interested in interacting with me & be able to execute my computer work in a more efficient manner!

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  1. Yeah, I agree with the part about feeling down after seeing the posts of other people because they seem to be having so much fun. (Like... "Gahddamet, you're in Paris? ...again?"). It's the same reason why I don't like posting pics of me in races because some people might feel bad that I "look" like I'm having more fun.

    Thanks for posting, I look forward to more posts from you about training and nutrition (that recipe for a shake with rolled oats, banana and milk is my favorite post run drink now :D)

    -wannabe duathlete GC