Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Rudy Project Genetyk Kit Review.

Hey readers - over the years I have worn countless sunglasses, some for style - others for protection. It's amazing how far technology has come over time, seems like everything is getting lighter, smaller & nicer!

Just recently, I was given the Rudy Project Genetyk Kit, I usually don't like 'open jacket' shades but this pair made a very good first impression on me. I have quite a few shades in my rotation, depending on the weather, lighting or activity. I tend to rotate quite often or bring a few pairs to a race or trip - this kit will help me simplify ;)

This came is a nice ergonomic zip case that includes: 1 frame, 1 soft case/rag & 3 different lenses. I was surprised how easily I could swap each lens from the frame, where each has a particular purpose.

The shades themselves are noticeably very light and quite robust - they are made with ImpactX technology that helps protect the eyes from more than just light. The lenses are also considered in-destructible, which is key for safety in a wide range of distinct sports, in case of a fall, accident or drop <---my problem sometimes ;)

Watch this video for more info on ImpactX technology:

The polarphoto lens: is best used for bright light activities, they completely eliminate glare and provide a much clearer image. The mirror type lens will not allow any competitor to see the suffering in yours eyes ;) all the while giving outstanding UV ray protection and looking slick with it's advanced polarized technology!

The photochromatic lens: is best used on rainy or cloudy days - it can make everything look brighter than usual all the while still giving UV ray protection. It also has a wide range of lighting adjustability depending on the brightness, which is fantastic choice for activities inside a forest or at sun-rise/set.

The cleargloss lens: is best used in the dark or indoors or for navigation. They still provide good UV ray protection, especially from reflections or glare, all the while protecting the eyes from bugs that like to come out once it gets dark.

All in all this is a great kit for athletes competing in various sports and at various levels. It provides a mix of style, options and versatility for any conditions mother earth can throw at you!

At the end of the day, sunglasses provided protection for our eyes, an important part of our bodies. It would be careless to compromise, both in style and safety ;)

Don't be fooled by knockoffs, the lens is often made from poor material, that can damage our eye sight, give head-aches or make somebody feel dizzy, as the sun pierces through the cheap lens, amplified into our retina.

If you need a last minute Christmas gift for a lovable athlete, I strongly recommend this product. You can find it at your local Rudy Project Store with tones of other gift ideas!

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