Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Vacation to Bohol!

Hey readers - last week, me and Joyette travelled to the Island of Bohol in the central Visaya's region of The Philippines for a vacation and a bit of work. It was nice to get away from the busy main island of Luzon and spend some time in a more desolate location with world renowned attractions!
After landing at the airport, we went to the famous chocolate hills - the pictures don't do it justice - we got the chance to ride a bike in mid-air!! 
Joyette went first - the guys working there commented on how fast she rode across! It's part fitness & part being scared ;)

I went after, took a bit longer to capture some selfies with my GoPro!

It's gonna be hard to top this selfie ;)

Great & clear view of the surroundings!

Such unique landscape!!

Had a choco-coffee while enjoying a view of the choco hills!
After that, we went to our resort on Panglao Island which is also the venue of the Safe Guard 5150 Triathlon that offers a wide range of beach front accommodation!

We stayed on Alona Beach, which I would recommend to both local & foreign tourist as it's clean, safe & has many options for food/activities!

Checking the time on my Garmin 610 with my Rudy Project Gozen's - underwater!

For the better part, the water's where very clean & easy to swim in!

The beach strip is about 1500m long.

The prices where very reasonable!

One of those: IT'S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES moments!

This is definitely a sun-set area!

We got to lounge around on beach in bean-bags while de-briefing the year 2014 & planning 2015 =)

This is what a tropical vacation should look like!

The pure volume of foreign tourist, mainly European, speaks for itself!

Perfect location for a wedding maybe?

Priceless evening view...
By far the biggest prawn I ever seen, then ate ahahahaha!

Some of the best-est, fresh-est & cheap-est crustaceans that can be eaten!

Where also had some great breakfast's - fresh fruits, local meat's, free-range eggs & garlic rice!

We decided to have some Thai food for one lunch - could not tell the different!

Entrance to our resort...

Outside our room.

It had a very laid back & earthy feel to it - not commercial at all!

I don't get the pools by the beach...but that's just me ;)
World famous and exclusively found here: The Tarsier

A wefie with a sleeping Tarsier ;)

Walking over a suspension bridge at CHAP's.

It was pretty exhilarating at times - making us feel like we where in an Ewok villages!

Sounds like a challenge?

Not so much for us ;)

Some encouragements along the way & possible break area!

Had some drinks on the beach on our last night!

Awesome entertainment after 8pm.

I can't imagine how much practice they need to perfect it all!

Don't burn yourselves eh!
Anyway, all in all I would surely return to Bohol, there's still a few things we did not get to see, which is a reason to go back!

Luckily, we return to Manila on Friday without any problems, before Typhoon Ruby hit, were 45+ domestic flights where cancelled on that day alone...

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