Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My F2P Collection!

Hey readers - in 2014 I was able to collect a wide range of FT2 sportswear jersey's and other accessories, some of which came from sponsorship, personal purchase or in the race pack of an event!
This was a perfect opportunity to use my new goose neck for my GoPro!

This one is from the X-Terra Duathlon this past October at La Messa reserve!

This from the recently concluded Cycle Philippines event in late November!

A bit of a grin ;)

This was one of my favorites, given at the Alaska Cycle in May, a very popular jersey I see regularly in Nuvali!

Very comfortable and stylish!

A candid shot taken from my GoPro without me knowing during a ride up to Tagaytay!

This was our 2014 ATA team jersey - I love how it fit's very snug to my body, make's me wanna ride FAST when I have it on!

This is my favorite, it's a generic cycle Philippines shirt I got from the expo at a very good price - also fits snug for maximum aero dynamics ;)
From the back.

I love the F2P bid shorts because they have a secret compartment at the back ;)

They also use the 'power band' type of rim for the legs!

Le chamois is very comfortable since it's Europeen design!
I also got these sweet arm covers which help in the cold weather as well to the bring sunny weather!

Mid-way point of the infamous Talisay climb near Tall lake Volcano!

And lastly, our team wind breaker which I have not had the chance to wear much and has me looking forward to ridding in the cold weather???

This looks like it will be my next F2P bike jersey for my collection!

All in all F2P sportswear is a high performance fabric with style and at a reasonable price point - there's a wide range of alternatives out there, many of which I have tried, where in the end I think it comes down to which apparel company can deliver a full package at a competitive price!

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