Thursday, November 12, 2015

Late post with lots of Euro trip pics!

First stop was Lumley castle for big David's 2nd 60th birthday party!

Dabid Salun and miss Joy sharing a walking moment!

I then took time to smell the roses :)

Joyette made a point to enjoy the local brew is all the places we went!

Afternoon high tea with biscuits and crème!

Good times!

This place aged like a bottle of fine wine!

They said this place is haunted?

After we went to Sunderland!

A huge fish and chip with cider!

Great view here!

We took "the outdoor tube" to go to London!

Coffee at 100+ miles per hour.

Central London!

Walking around taking wefies!

The Big Ben!

Closer shot!

The Thames with the London eye!

Lots of creative street artists here.


With the London Bridge!

Then we went to Norfolk!


Enjoyed another sea view but more South.

Low tide?

Had to do a jump shot!
After England flew to Munich to prepare for 70.3 worlds in Zell Am See!

We stopped by St Mortiz to visit coach Brett!

What a stunningly beautiful part of the world.

Nice sun-set!

On the tram going up!

See you next time 8)

It's race weekend in Austria!

Frodo lead most of the way as usual.

Kienle ran well from A to Z, even paced, where his running style from the same from start to finish!

Gomez chasing hard after an average bike leg.

Daniela being chatted up my her lead cyclist ;)

Joyette struggled on the swim/bike but ran well!

At the finish :)
Dami basura!
We got on a REALLY FAST TRAIN aka TGV towards Paris.
Then we check out Paris!
So much history and good food...

Had do to some fun shots :)

Kiss from the 2nd floor of the Eiffel tower in front of La Sienne!

Different kiss for a different angle!

Les Champs Elysee!

After we checked out the Mediterranean city of Montpellier to visit my cousin and her 2 boys!

Beautiful waters to swim in!

It was the last big weekend at the beach for most local before the school year starts!



Wefie while tanning.

Selfie on the rocks.

Then after we went South to Barcelona!
Arch De Triomph!

La Sagrada Familia!

Site of the 1992 Olympiad.

Nice structures but not being utilize much these days...

Museo Natcional D'Art De Catalunya.

From the top!

Very inspirational view!

After we took the plane to the historic city of Rome!
THE Coloseo!

On the inside where of the first civilization lived.
It was so nice at sunset, the only thing that ruined it was the guards telling us to leave in multiple languages, rudely closing area's up to 1 hours before closing time @ 7 PM. We paid to enter, JUST SAYING!
Nice picture that we had to bargain for after the fact.
In front of Castel Sant ' Angelo.
Inside Vatican city.
Beautiful paintings all over!
The pain locked very fresh to me, just saying ;)
Here it was a weird area, The Sistine Chapel, no hats and not pictures with lots of rude security guards in brown uniform. Come on, we know you will re-touch the paint when we are gone, to protect your assets. Let us take pictures in peace.

Who would believe, after HUNDREDS OF YEARS the paint remains so bright?

With a naked sculpture!

Wefie with Julius Caesar.

After Rome, we went to Athens to eat some fresh and huge Greek salads ;)
Top of Acropolis, where they are nicer than in Vatican city ;)
Athens from the top!!!
Lots of restoration going on.

Still in use today to watch movies!

So much to see...
After a few days, we checked out the region of Attica.

Schinias beach!

Then we went up to Marathon Lake!

On the way down, we had to have a picture!

Lots of running statues here.

After that we took a boat to the famous island of Santorini!

Walking along the ridge.


What a view!

Regardless of the fun, I still had to work most days...

We rented an ATV for 2 days, it was well worth it!!!

We saw soooo much more.

Still lots of un-used areas here!

Red beach.

Walking along the street stores.

Going around was great!
Enjoying the view.
Went to the island of Nea Kameni, it was great to relax in the hot springs!

 Santorini in the back ground!

Kissing on top of a volcano.

Quite a few tourist here.

Too bad I did not have my MTB because it would have been so much fun, like ridding on the moon!

On the gondola going back up to our hotel.


After Greece we flew back to Munich for Oktoberfest!
Many would start to drink early...
Often young tourists...

Who don't drink often.
Or as much.
And loose control.
This guy looks sober for now??
After we flew from Munich to Dubai!

At the Burj Khalifa!

Very developed and vibrant part of the world, I was seriously impressed!

My first time to eat in years, and first time ever, to see one outside Canada!

Then we went to the desert!

Watched the sunset.

Saw a funny sign!

Did a fly kick :)

Then had some delicious local food, so under-rated in my opinion!


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