Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Trip to Siquijor and Dumagete 8)

It all started with Nick and Risa's wedding!
Then we flew to beautiful Dumaguete
Some parts reminded me of Subic!
Our boat for the journey to Siquijor!
Waiting for us at the resort.
With service of course!
The beauty speaks for itself...

The resort had a very good layout!

With a great sunset view.

 It was very relaxing and peaceful!

Jump shoot!

Chilling on the floating bar

On my own.

My current desktop background!

Our view from breakfast!

Anybody down for a tan?

We did a ride around the island with a motor cycle!

Natural and old-school foot reflexology!

A tree that is a few hundred years old!

Of course had to enjoy this ticking experience!
A twoie shoot!

This is not for everybody!

We then got back on the road for our next destination!

A Spanish built church.

Inside from the top.

Joyette enjoying the flowers!

Some hanging ornament outside!

Then we check out some beautiful water falls and natural pools!

Had a go with the Tarzan swing!

In full hanging selfie mode!

Walked carefully on the slipper surface to the top.

Look at me!

I was told the bottom is not so deep...

From the back!

And the top!

From bellow.

A pretty surreal experience!

There was even some carvings!

Joyette joined me and we had a moment...

Then we were joined by others!

Once she got wet and comfortable, Joyette had a go at the Tarzan swing!

She really enjoyed it!

Then went to the top of the water fall!

But she was photo boomed ;)

 Hanging out!

High elbow and hand!

It was a good time for everybody!

Then we drove back the other way around the island!

That evening w enjoyed a buffet with a crispy lechon as the star!

Then some evening entertainment that contained history of the island and the Philippines!

They just keep going with a huge smile =)

The grand finally!

The following morning we were greeted by a double rainbow.

We got on the boat again and headed for Apo island.

A small island with a bout 1000 inhabitants!

Our 3G worked here - ahaha!

An interesting tree!

What the sign says. 

 We floated around with this guy for a good 15 minutes!

They are Gracious swimmers under water and around 15 years old for the big ones!

Our view during lunch.

Nap anybody?

Then some of our group decided to jump off the boat loudly ;)

Or dive off!

For good memories and experience with your loved ones!

The boat ride back - ahaha!

The following day we flew to Dumaguete for a couple nights!

The oldest church in Negros!

From the inside.

What the sign says.

Then we hiked up to see some water falls, but got a bit lost...

It was well worth it in the end!

One for Joyette.

One for me.

One with the two of us!

This name looked familiar at the local campus ;)

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the pics - time to fly again this evening!

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