Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Mambukarera 2 Race Report.

Last Saturday I compete in my first mountain bike race in a few years on the Island Province of Mindoro, in the Occidental region and specifically in the town of Mamburao!

This was my 4th trip to this location, because Joyette's family has an awesome house here, as well to having a big part of the event on their property.

Click *HERE* for a past blog from new years 2013 about the area.

The race, in brief, was a humbling experience and reminded me how hard off road racing is. There's a need for a wide skill set, some serious guts and specific fitness for short bursts of power, over and over.

From the start, which was at 11 AM - I was at the back. I actually rolled up to the race line a few minutes before the gun. I passed a few guys who has just crashed in front of me on some of the technical sections.

Before the race started, I had decided to run 2 parts per lap, after doing a recon ride the day before.

My old pare Jingo was the RD!

The course being 5 laps, that's 10 running sections in total. This also included the challenge of 4 river crossings per lap. Back and forth then back and forth. That make it 20 river crossings in less than 1 hour!

Much harder than it looks on paper - I pressed the *stop* button many minutes late.

After a chaotic first lap, I rode in no man's land for the middle 3 laps. I definitely suffered in the heat and the hard terrain shook lots of energy out of me. I was a really challenge to move my body weight around, go from very sunny to very shaded area and sweating like crazy all over my shades! 
Constant change in speed clearly made it hard to find a good rhythm. The top speed on each lap is reached as I'm jumping off my bike before running down a step hill!!!

On the last lap, I caught up to a couple guys from behind just before the finish.

Photo credit: George Ryan Esteban Ladores

How-ever, the trail was narrow and they heard me coming, so they jumped to the line and I was not able pass them...My chain was also completely dry, because I had use road type wax chain lube (white lighting) instead of proper mountain bike lube...Silly triathlete!

Totally wiped from the race - I attracted some attention from the young local kids. I showed off my Tagalog and asked them questions about sports!
 The whole event made me feel out of shape and very mortal - I finished 6th in my category.
The one and only "Tito Plops" was our host during the event and our stay!
After the race I had some drinks with captain Mark "DNS" Way in the family house pool to cut the edge off from the short but very draining event!
Then we took some group pictures.

Then attempted to eat way too much local food on banana leafs...


Before going to the beach to shake out extra calories!

Nice sun-set as we chill on the beach...

A very enjoyable flush open water swim in the cove!

The chow-queens and their family's enjoying the moment to the fullest!

A great setting to end a long weekend with my Verdana Homes neighbors on a laid back & quiet part of the world!


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