Sunday, August 14, 2016

TotalCoaching Review.

Over the past years, I have experimented with various online training software's to help my athletes be the best that they can be, with the help of my computer. I don't have the luxury of seeing all of them train day to day. In fact, many I have never met in person!

These training software's help me plan, communicate and track my athletes progress. The more I coach, the more I feel like I need to learn more and add new components to the athletes training, all the while following the same proven principles from trisutto.

Then I stumbled into TotalCoaching, which is incidentally a Canadian company, founded by 2006 Commonwealth Games 800m runner: David Gill.

This programs helps me plan cardio workouts, strength workouts, nutrition plans, all the while being able to communicate with my athletes via 1 porthole.

Here's the intro video:

I love how I have my own custom login page for my clients. It's very professional. I get the chose the logo and picture.

Check it out:

The "console" is simple, sleek and easy to use.

I can create and save my own questionnaires for incoming athletes. Where I can also get creative, and give questionnaires to long time athletes, in order to see how they are satisfied and what I can do to coach them better. As well to plan their season better.

The food planning section is very very detailed, with over 20 thousand food items with full nutritional and macro-nutritional breakdown/value. There's a "fridge" which allows me to store the more frequently use items, so they are easily accessible.

For the geeks, you can see some cool graphs once the athletes are up and running in their training programs. Which can really help to monitor their progress, or lack there of, over extended periods of time.

The strength and conditioning database has over 1000 exercises that I can easily prescribe to my athletes. They come with instruction already.

A lot of them are even animated to give a clear idea on how to perform a specific exercise.

If they don't have your desired exercise in their library, then you can add your own or one from the internet!

There is even a built in video tutorial section, when you need some info on how to use the program better!

It also makes it very easy to plan 1 month of training, just like that!

I can also easily "connect" workouts and then move them around from one day to another, across 4 weeks. This will surely help to save time =)

I can create detailed interval workouts, that gives a clear visual to the athletes, on the session that they need to perform. Un-like just following a bunch of numbers.

I can easily save monthly templates, which are great when I start with new clients, or into build phases, maintenance weeks, specific focus blocks, post race recovery or long tapers!

Some of the other features, include a built in forum for discussions with all your athletes. An internal messaging system, so all your exchanges are centralized, instead of communicating via multiple apps or systems, which might cause information to be spread out all over the place.

What the feedback tab looks like. A cool feature is the color bar, so supposed somebody is "feeling bad" often, the color beside their name on my supervisor screen will be red. And of course, if the athlete is doing well, it will be green!

And of course, you can use it with your smart phone, tablet or computer. The mobile app is free!

Anyway, you be the judge. If you coach athletes, write food programs or are a personal trainer. This is a fully encompassing program that will help you save time, explain better and work with more clients!

Book your free 7 day trial and/or a 30 min free Skype talk at:

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