Monday, December 19, 2016

Lombok Island Trip.

Recently I traveled to a few Indonesian Islands, that's out of 18+ thousand. More specifically, on the island of Lombok, in the West Nusa Tenggara region.

My trip was multi-purpose, check out a potential training camp venue, run a 21 KM run race, climb a mountain and enjoy some time to myself.

The race, was the Lombok International Marathon. It attracted a few thousand runners, including some Kenyans. I ended up finishing 3rd in the 21 KM, getting a bit of spending CA$H for the rest of my trip!

The Kenyan's are always happily surprised when a Mzungu speaks Swahili to them!

After the race, I went to Gili Trawangan. Which is basically my new favorite spot in Asia!

The atmosphere was very chill, a wide range of prices, lots of young people and beautiful hangout areas on the beach. As well to plenty of international cuisine to taste!

Aussies playing beer pong!

After a few awesome day, I went to the main island, then rented a motorcycle and rode down to the Kuta area in South Lombok.

Some nice Mosque's along the good roads!

I enjoyed a few nice nights, checked out the surf spots and nice quiet coves.

Swinging with a coconut 8)

My view from the Endless Summer Resort!

So simple and artistic!

Breakfast view...

Arguable the best salad I've had in Asia - the house special!

Then after a few more enjoyable day, I went up Mt Rinjani, which happens to be the 2nd highest peak in Indonesia, standing 3726m ASL.  It's also an active volcano!

I meet my group in the morning, some people from CanadaSpainDenmarkTaiwan and Singapore.

Then we started the 10 KM hike at around 1000m ASL, all the way up to base camp, at ~2640m ASL.

These boys are caring heavy loads in flip flops!

Made it to base camp!

A jump shot with the crater!

Happy and relieved to be done with day 1!

A monkey in the tree.

Small talking the locals!

The first climb was surprisingly challenging, taking around 6 hours total, with breaks. We got to base camp at around sunset, then had some dinner before going to sleep.

Then the following morning, we got up at 2 AM to make the summit by sunrise. That 3.5 KM to the summit is very challenging, especially when you don't have a headlamp, and just rubber shoes. The soil was very loose, the terrain steep, and oxygen thin. But it was not that cold!!

I made it to the top, right after sunrise. 

Me and Terry!

Hikers spread along the ridge...

A stunning few of Bali...

The loose soil of hash made it very challenging.

So did the steepness if the incline...

Some views on my way down. 

The way down had me slipping on my bum more than a few times.

A view of our base camp, spread along the ridge...

Then after lunch, we walked down to our starting point, as the hot springs where closed due to volcanic activity...

Terry pointing the way!

Finally done, with the tedious 28 KM round trip in 18 hours!

The following day I went to Gili Air for a night.

No cars allows in the Gili's, just horses and pedal bikes :)

An authentically well prepared Nasi Goreng!

Then fast boat to Bali.

 Finally, I returned to the Philippines after 2 memorable weeks!

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