Monday, August 28, 2017

Malaysia & Moving Forward.

Hey readers - well it's been a while since my last post. The first 3/4 of the year has truly flown by. I spent the majority of it, based in the Malaysian state of Johor, specifically in Iskandar-Puteri, AKA Nusajaya.

I hosted several camps, some for age groupers, elites, runners, and youths. It was very productive and rewarding. I met a whole lot of new people, learned more, and gained valuable friendships. I also grew my online business, continued to improve my "on deck" coaching skills, and importantly, lay a more solid foundation in my credibility/experience as a coach.

However, all good things come to an end. I have accepted the position of head coach for the Tri Club Doha in Qatar, which is almost 400 members strong! So in the first week of September, I will be moving for 1 year to the Middle East.

After almost exactly a decade spent in East Asia and South East Asia, I'm moving to new pastures. I like to believe that my time in the region, has prepared me for an "up grade" in work and salary. And of course, a new and different culture.

For those who are wondering, I'm still working online with Trisutto, and will still be racing in Kona this October, which will be my first race of the year. I had all these plans to race in 2017, but I decided to prioritize my coaching, after various mitigating circumstances. To keep it short, I'm aiming to not do too bad, in my first trip to Kona...And of course, support my athletes that qualified who will be racing!

Anyway, below are some pictures of the past 8 months. They speak millions of words, especially in priceless, and lifetime friendships. As well to knowledge exchanged!

Malaysia is a strict, yet moderate Islamic country!

First Trisutto Camp of the year.

Some smaller ones followed.

It was great to help, and especially enlightened individuals who are passionate about the same sport!
The secret Sunway 2 lane 400m track oval.

Team Tréximo.

Jogging around the awesome trails of Gelang Patah!

Kids in progress!
Drafting practice @ The Ledang Urban Retreat pool!

The famous KL Twin towers.

Riding around Pontian with Rupert & Emi!

Sun-set hill reps with the Ironman Cadets.

Some laps with the inspector - he can hang on the short stuff ;)

He's also a star on STRAVA - hehehe!

All smiles during a though sun-set swim session :=)

Riding by a large local Mosque.

Talk to the students @ EduCity.



An authentic presentation.


Chinese style quack bird!

Asian style dessert.

I explored lots of spices while here.

Typical riding snack ;)

Spicy Tom Yum soup that burned me trice: my mouth, my stomach, and my A$$!

Fried egg maki!

A light snack ;)

Local sweets.


Typical home-made lunch.

My risotto!

Boilled egg salad!

Tumeric chicken stir fry!

Sea food risottooo @ Big Food!

Rotti tissue - sweet and sticky!

Mutton chop.

3 types of non-pork sausage!

Pineapple fried rice!

The classic Nasi Goreng dish with fresh orange juice!

My favorite, cheese mutton rice - YUM!

Lovely breakfast tapas from Tea Garden.

The biggest mango I ever seen...

No comment...

Late night Chinese style noodles!

Party hardy @ 9MM.

Selfie anyone?

Local and fresh lunch with the crew!

Desaru brunch. 

Desaru race morning.

Joyette came to visit 4 times!

Forest City - the next Singapore they say.

Just beautiful...

The RP team.

Some drafting action.


The top South East Asian Junior Elite and Senior Elite @ Asian Champs this year.


Cornering on slippery roads...

Nice & long off road run, with a fast finish!

Not far to go!

I'm gonna miss these 20th-floor sun-sets...

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