Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Hey readers - last week, for a couple reasons, I travelled for a few days to the capital city of Oman: Muscat.

Travelling solo summons this raw sense of independence. But in revenge, it does make me feel lonely. It's always a pleasure to share the sights and tastes of a new destination, with somebody else...

Anyway, it was a pretty casual trip. I had a bit of computer work to do. I did the tourist thing, and I also rented a road bike.

Generally speaking, I felt that Omanis people carried a greater sense of humility than some of their neighbours. It was pretty laid back, and I was surprised when I took a taxi out of the airport, that the drivers are locals. It was also nice to see some mountains, of which I haven't really seen in a few years.

The infrastructure was surprisingly good. And just like many countries in the region, it was laced with foreign workers from various countries such as: India - Philippines - Lebanon - Nepal - etc.

I also learned a lot about the country's political history and it's role in the Arabian Peninsula. But at the end of the day, just like many Islamic countries, there were not many "fun" things to do and was a little bland...

Below are various pictures of my trip, with some relevant captions!

Selfie @ QURUM Beach

Sunset @ QURUM Beach

Contemporary structure @ QURUM Beach

Panoramic of QURUM Beach

Good morning QURUM Beach

Local & foreign football players running along QURUM Beach in the AM

The BIG BUS I took around the city

A ship out of water

An interesting fountain 

There were pictures of Sultan Qaboos all over - he obviously did great things for the country


Some government buildings

More images of Sultan Qaboos

A typical Islamic gate


Mutrah Souq is the local market


Market center

I did not buy anything

Although there was some cool stuff to see, smell, & taste


Looking outside, from the inside


Wave breakers

More flags

Locals just hanging out


My rental bike

Selfie from the top

Selfie with the highway in the background


Panoramic shot from the top

A big local Mosque...I was actually told to leave moments after this pictures

Lamborghini with a patriotic colour scheme 

A Ferrari with a patriotic colour scheme 
Mercedez-Benz are taxis here

LOL...the sweet spaghetti place & home of chicken joy

Le GRAND Mosque

Le GRAND Mosque again

Le GRAND Mosque - final pic

The view from my hotel room

A plated chicken Shawarma - LOVE THESE

Post ride FRESH drink - Avocado, Strawberry, & Mango - LOVE IT

50M Pool @ The Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex
Anyway, it was nice, but I doubt I would come back again willingly...Maybe Salalah seems nice for training, or other more rural parts in the mountains...

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